Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mozilla aims for record downloads with Firefox 3

Firefox 3's upcoming release is quite literally being hyped up to record-setting levels, as Mozilla aims for the final release to set a Guinness World Record, as the most downloaded single product within a 24-hour span.

To coincide with the still-unspecified June release date of Firefox 3, Mozilla has launched its "World Download Day" campaign to get as many users as possible to download the browser on its first day available.

There is currently no record for this feat yet, so the company is hoping to set the bar high.

"The Browser that has it all" as of earlier this afternoon had 133,636 users pledging to download Firefox 3 on its release date. The strongest supporters thus far were the US (25,985), Japan (8.535), Germany (7,930), Poland (7,635), Spain (5,873), Brazil (5,380), and the United Kingdom (5,040).

Finland, the country where Firefox has the highest browser share in the EU at 45.9%, according to French web metrics firm Xiti, was not yet among the top supporters of this promotion.

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