Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New iPhone app makes it a wireless storage device

New iPhone app makes it a wireless storage device

With a multitude of applications now available from the App Store, few stand out. Vieosoft's DataCase may be one of those that does.

The $6.99 app was released on Monday, and essentially leverages the flash memory of the iPhone as a wireless storage device. Currently the application supports Microsoft Office, PDF, Text, image, HTML, audio, and video file transfer.

Support for iWork documents is not available in the initial version.

For transferring files to the device, DataCase adds two folders, a "drop box" where files are placed from the computer to be synced when placed within it, and a "shared files" folder that would allow for the sharing of files when connected to the wireless network.

New iPhone app makes it a wireless storage device

Users can delete and view files transferred from the iPhone, and it features Apple File Protocol Transfers and Bonjour support, as well as FTP and HTTP connections. To allow for the organization of files, users can split the storage space up to 16 different volumes.

DataCase also allows users to back up files transferred using the program via the backup function that occurs during sync.

While the process is pretty much automatic within Mac OS X, users of Windows will need to connect to the device via FTP or HTTP. Those addresses to connect can be found at the bottom of the application's main screen.

Tests by BetaNews showed that the connections were reliable, and transfer was pretty much painless once the user elected to make the Drop Box folder viewable and browsable via the settings menu for that folder.

As others have reported, we did experience some problems once the application was closed and reopened.

New iPhone app makes it a wireless storage device

Generally, however, response on iTunes seems to be positive, with the application receiving four and a half stars across 84 reviews.

"After all the garbage that has been piling up here lately it's great to see another awesome and useful app finally make it to the App Store," reviewer mangaphreak wrote.

New iPhone app makes it a wireless storage device

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