Thursday, June 12, 2008

Comcast gets a theoretical upstream speed boost

Comcast gets a theoretical upstream speed boost

A graph showing an apparent speed boost for Comcast service in Macomb County, Michigan. Click on the graph to see it in full-size.

This graph is a performance test taken this morning in Michigan, where the gold line "TX" represents Transmit Speed. At just around 1 Mbps, Comcast has indeed allowed speeds to come up a bit. (The "RX" receive speed line on this graph represents what the test system was receiving at the time, while it was "on idle" -- that doesn't mean the perceived receive speed is actually slower.)

Speeds measured this morning in Maryland on a Comcast-hosted system with a "Performance" package generally hovered at a 650 Kbps upstream speed with sporadic bursts into the 800 Kbps range, just barely squeaking past the Performance Plus tier's prior ceiling.

With these tests in three discrete Comcast markets showing inconsistent results, it begins to look like Comcast is providing, to use a common aphorism, "a lot of sizzle" for an upgrade that will not deliver solid results across the board.

BetaNews invites those of you who are Comcast users to perform similar tests and share your findings with us.

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