Friday, June 6, 2008

The 'Watch Video' link in Google Search is conspicuously missing

A feature that enabled Google users watch videos hosted on either YouTube or Google Video without leaving the search results page, has been quietly removed from the search site.

The Google Video Plus box originally launched in May 2007 with support only for Google's YouTube and Google Video brands. Users interested in previewing a video would click a blue box next to its title, to open up a console that plays the video directly in the screen.

Yahoo has a similar service that lets users view videos from Yahoo Video, YouTube, and Metacafe. also offers a news and stock ticker, but it's integrated into the right side of the search results, though users are unable to quickly remove the feature.

The 'Watch Video' link in Google Search is conspicuously missing

Google has remained silent regarding the Video Plus box take down, and no word has been published if this is a permanent change.

Internet search engines have tried to add additional features to help integrate content into the search results box, with maps and stock tickers among the popular features. For example, search results for "Microsoft" offers a "Stock quote for MSFT" with a little blue box next to it; users click the blue box to reveal the stock box.

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